AAA Profile: Liz Cheney | AstroDispatch – Astrology Round The Internet

AAA Profile: Liz Cheney | AstroDispatch – Astrology Round The Internet

If any person had instructed me 20 years in the past that I’d be admiring, let by myself praising, anyone with the closing title of “Cheney”, I’d have stated they had been nuts.  However that’s simply one of these uncomfortable place many progressives to find themselves in at the moment, when considering the hot efficiency of Consultant Liz Cheney (R-WY), daughter of the previous Vice President, vis-a-vis the movements of Donald Trump and the bastardization of the GOP.


Just about by myself some of the DC denizens of her Celebration (with one or two notable exceptions), Liz Cheney has stood up towards the onslaught of ethical degradation, outright illegal activity and hyper-partisan lunacy, calling out such behaviors and attitudes the place she sees them, decrying conspiracy theories and the Large Lie itself, and firmly pointing out that Donald Trump used to be answerable for the January 6th Capitol Rebellion, and has no trade ever once more being any place remotely close to the levers of energy.

I almost certainly don’t trust a unmarried public coverage level that Liz endorses, however how are you able to argue with a principled stance like hers?  It takes numerous guts to get up to the bullies and Trump sycophants that run the GOP, and, for all her loss of a Y chromosome, Liz Cheney has larger balls than any of the male political eunuchs with which she works.

Whence comes this backbone of metal and the facility to talk fact to energy?  Let’s pull again the astrological curtain on Liz Cheney and notice what makes her tick.

Liz Cheney concedes the Montana Republican Number one race; with natal asteroid Area conjunct the Solar and sesquiquadrate Saturn, ruling profession, america Area of Representatives used to be a most probably place of job on Cheney’s profession arc

Born at 11:57 PM CDT on 28 July 1966 in Madison, Wisconsin (Rodden Ranking AA), Cheney’s 5 Leo Solar is conjoined by means of Mercury at 4 Leo, in addition to asteroids Area and Toro at 10 and 11 Leo.  Mercury with the Solar grants a willing intelligence, and the facility to precise oneself very easily and directness.  Area right here suggests her time spent in america Area of Representatives – blended with Mercury, we may assume that Speaker (Mercury) of the Home is a private ambition.  Toro signifies bullying, competitive, blustering behaviors, but additionally the facility to get up to them.  Cheney received’t back off in a struggle, and is hard as nails, in a position to dish it out in addition to take it.  Additionally with the Solar is centaur Asbolus at 0 Leo, some extent which signifies the facility to learn the zeitgeist, the spirit of the days; Cheney has her finger to the wind of public opinion, however doesn’t really feel the wish to blow its method.

A 6 Taurus Ascendant supplies some other cussed streak, an intransigence and unwillingness to back off or adjust direction, in addition to highlighting the significance of her non-public values in Cheney’s existence and her public symbol.  The Moon at 29 Sagittarius, precisely squared Saturn at 29 Pisces, suggests an adventurous, gregarious spirit, however one that can keep watch over feelings and received’t let them intrude with legitimate trade or the tasks of her task.

There’s no Elizabeth asteroid (nor any Cheney), however there’s an Elisabetha, which at 10 Scorpio squares the Solar and Mercury (ruling the naming serve as), and opposes the Ascendant, making it standard of 1’s personal PNAs (Private-Named Asteroids), which regularly have interaction with the Solar, Moon, Ascendant or Mercury.  Cheney’s different members of the family have compatibility well into their respective astro-pegs:  father Richard (AKA “Dick”, right here each a nickname and a descriptor) seems as asteroid Richard, which at 26 Taurus is sextile Saturn at 29 Pisces, signifying the daddy; mom Lynne seems as asteroid Lynn, which at 20 Leo is extensively trine the 29 Sagittarius Moon, signifying the mum.  Sister Mary seems as asteroid Mary, which at 0 Taurus is squared Mercury, ruling siblings (Mary is lesbian, and a celestial nod to her sexual orientation may also be noticed within the semisquare from Mary to asteroid Sappho at 17 Gemini, named for an historical Greek lesbian poet).  Husband Philip Perry seems as asteroids Philippa and Perry, which at 25 and 29 Libra oppose asteroid Hera, named for the Greek goddess of marriage, at 5 Taurus, and trine asteroid Juno, her Roman counterpart, at 21 Gemini.

cheney family
Liz (some distance proper) with members of the family, sister Mary, mother Lynne and pa Richard at Dick Cheney’s 2nd swearing-in as Vice President in 2005; all have natal PNA placements which replicate their standing in her existence – asteroid Elisabetha squares the Solar (the Self), asteroid Mary squares Mercury (ruling siblings), asteroid Lynn is trine the Moon (ruling the mum), and asteroid Richard is sextile Saturn (ruling the daddy)

A powerful center of attention on truth-telling may also be noticed in a conjunction of asteroids Reality and Veritas (Latin for “fact”) at 15 and 19 Most cancers, with Veritas precisely conjoined the IC.  Reality is foundational for Cheney, one thing she builds upon which has angular pressure and efficiency in her existence.  Those issues are enmeshed in a string of planetary energies made from Venus, Mars and Jupiter, at 9, 12 and 18 Most cancers respectively.  This is helping to give an explanation for her combative (Mars), values-based (Venus) stance in political issues (Jupiter), the place she is keen to dollar just about her whole Celebration to fortify the reality as she sees it (Reality, Veritas).

Reality and Veritas (with Jupiter) additionally take part in a Grand Trine Kite trend, with trines to asteroid Washingtonia and Neptune at 17 and 19 Scorpio; and asteroid The united states at 26 Pisces with centaur Chiron and asteroid NOT, each at 25 Pisces, and Saturn at 29 Pisces.  The String of the Kite is asteroid Diana at 20 Capricorn, at the 19 Cap MC.  Washingtonia represents DC, and The united states represents the country at massive, so Cheney’s truthfulness is disseminated freely (trine) to her cohorts in Washington and the citizenry in most cases.  Neptune right here suggests problems with deception, trickery or falseness and zealotry or fanaticism within the capital, in addition to an idealized, possibly less-than-realistic, tackle what executive will have to be and do for the rustic.

Saturn/The united states displays a conservative (Saturn) bent towards the country (The united states), whilst Chiron suggests a maverick place, one thing Cheney may just now not had been accused of till the previous few years, as she and her Celebration increasingly more diverged at the factor of Trump and his impact at the nation.  NOT is some other contrarian power, and if truth be told seems at station (it became retrograde 4 days ahead of her start), making it an embedded think about her psyche.  Considerably, NOT is squared to asteroid Troemper at 28 Gemini, our celestial referent for The Donald, figuring out Cheney as a “never-Trumper” of the primary water.

Diana is an overly protecting power, virginal and natural, and this angle of shielding or shielding others whilst preserving one’s self-integrity is very important to figuring out the decisions Cheney has made in her profession, to voice her sense of right and wrong about what is correct versus going alongside to get alongside.

cheney mccarthy
Liz leans in for a confab with Area Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy, right through happier occasions; asteroid McCarthy conjoins her natal Solar, whilst asteroid Kevin is semisquare – PNAs with sun connections denote people who are essential within the existence, for just right or unwell

That angle has already price Liz Cheney rather so much, and might price her extra.  The Wyoming Republican Celebration handed a censure answer closing November to oust her from the state birthday celebration, a in large part symbolic transfer in retaliation for her vote to question Trump after the January 6th rise up.  In February 2022 the Republican Nationwide Committee voted to censure her and fellow GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) for participating within the January 6th investigation.

A extra considerable rebuke had already are available Might 2021, when Area Minority Chief Kevin McCarthy pulled his fortify of her and inspired a voice vote to take away her from her management place as Convention Chair, founded in her refusal to back off on her anti-Trump statements, and her willingness to sign up for the Area Make a choice Committee investigating the riots, after McCarthy had refused Republican cooperation.  Cheney’s reaction used to be standard:  “ We can not each include the large lie and include the charter.  The country wishes it: the country wishes a Republican birthday celebration this is founded upon elementary rules of conservatism, and I’m dedicated and devoted to making sure that that’s how this birthday celebration is going ahead, and I plan to steer the struggle to do this.”

Kevin McCarthy’s affect on her existence is noticed within the chart as asteroid McCarthy at 9 Leo, conjoined the Solar, and asteroid Kevin at 20 Gemini, in precise semisquare.  PNAs hooked up to the Solar point out people who have an oversized significance at the biography and a strong position to play, for just right or unwell.

Regardless of the flak she has taken, Cheney stays an outspoken critic of Trump and the course the GOP has taken below his management.  Wyoming’s handiest Consultant, Cheney faces a steep uphill climb in her re-election efforts for 2022, with a Number one challenger who’s polling neatly forward.  Harriet Hageman is an lawyer who up to now made an unsuccessful bid for the Republican Gubernatorial nomination in 2018; she is up 20+ issues on Cheney in fresh polls.  Asteroid Harriet at 26 Sagittarius conjoins the Moon and squares Chiron, suggesting a deep wound (Chiron) attributable to a girl (Moon).  Asteroid Hagelin is closest to Hageman; at 2 Taurus it conjoins the Ascendant and squares the Solar, indicating a combat or contest between them, and anyone with the facility to vary Cheney’s public symbol.

cheney hageman
Cheney’s victorious Number one opponent, Harriet Hageman; natal asteroid Harriet conjoins the Moon and squares Saturn with Chiron, suggesting a profession (Saturn) wound (Chiron) from a feminine (Moon) of that title; by means of transit on Number one day, asteroid Harriet conjoined Elisabetta, sesquiquadrate Mars, depicting the warfare between them

The Wyoming Number one election is ready for August 16th, and does appear to indicate a Cheney loss.  However just like the Normal Election to practice, the date includes a Solar/Uranus interplay, so unpredictability and marvel is the order of the day.  [Author’s Note:  This article was slated for release several days earlier, but was bumped for the breaking news of the attack on Salman Rushdie; it is now post-Primary, and Cheney did in fact lose to Hageman, by an almost forty-point margin blowout.]

There’s a “wobbly” Grand Move for the Number one, which is a regular Grand Move that has further peripheral issues that facet one of the crucial anchor our bodies, however now not all.  The fundamental trend is created by means of the Solar at 23 Leo adversarial Saturn at 21 Aquarius, the crossbars shaped from Uranus at 18 Taurus and asteroids Troemper at 15 Scorpio and Karma at 22 Scorpio.  This means a risky, unpredictable setting (Uranus), but additionally a most probably loss (Saturn), closely influenced by means of Donald Trump (Troemper), with a fated really feel (Karma).  It’s most probably Hageman would have taken this race with out Trump’s particular endorsement, however he’s the underlying reason behind the loss regardless, in that Wyoming Republicans are disillusioned with Cheney’s stance on him and her appearing as Vice Chair for the January 6th Make a choice Committee.

The peripheral issues are asteroid Elisabetha, for Liz Cheney herself, which at 13 Aquarius is squared Troemper (Trump), depicting their antagonism.  Elisabetha could also be squared asteroid Area at 8 Scorpio, figuring out the battlefield of the race as america Area of Representatives.

Additionally on the Saturn arm is Damocles at 28 Aquarius, the risk or doom placing overhead, about to descend.  On this case, along with the mooted lack of the race, we may believe the truth that loss of life threats for Cheney have develop into so a large number of that she has had particular protecting brokers assigned to her for months, and used to be not able to take part in commonplace in-person marketing campaign occasions which might usually dominate the race.  Talking of campaigns, that’s represented by means of Mars at 27 Taurus, whilst asteroid The united states at 1 Virgo, widely conjoined the Solar, signifies the prime degree of nationwide passion within the consequence of this regional race.

There’s additionally a T-Sq. which aptly describes Cheney’s catch 22 situation.  Asteroid Elisabetta (a 2nd referent for Elizabeth, which within the natal chart seems at 12 Virgo, conjoined powerhouse Pluto at 16 and quirky Uranus at 17 Virgo, denoting Cheney’s entrenched core and maverick streak) at 9 Libra conjoins asteroid Reality at 8 Libra, adversarial a mixture of asteroid Nemesis and Jupiter at 0 and eight Aries, with asteroid Veritas at 3 Most cancers at the fulcrum.  This displays Cheney (Elisabetta) as true to herself and her political (Jupiter) rules (Reality, Veritas), which is the reason for her downfall (Nemesis).

Asteroid Harriet could also be right here; at 14 Libra it conjoins Elisabetta.  PNAs which conjoin each and every different can act as allies or irritants, all in favour of a not unusual purpose or continuously chafing each and every different with a high quality of inescapability.

cheney trump
Liz Cheney extends a congratulatory hand to Donald Trump within the Oval Administrative center, one thing we’re probably not to peer once more; natal asteroid Troemper squares asteroid NOT, signifying Liz as a never-Trumper, whilst transit Troemper falls in a Grand Move with the Solar, Saturn, Uranus and asteroid Area on the Wyoming Number one Election

There’s only one level at station within the Number one chart:  asteroid NOT, which at 21 Aries turns retrograde 5 days later.  NOT suggests a lifeless finish, an lack of ability to continue, falling wanting a purpose.  That it repeats its desk bound stance from Cheney’s start chart, and squares her natal Jupiter, means that for Cheney, this degree of political engagement has come to an finish.  Transit asteroid Nike at 20 Capricorn, named for the Greek goddess of victory, is cresting her 19 Cap MC, on the cusp at the 10th Area of profession, usually an overly sure signal of a most probably win, nevertheless it’s additionally tightly squared by means of transit NOT, rather diluting its results.

Liz Cheney’s destiny on this election turns out sealed, however what in regards to the epilogue?  Cheney has made it simple that amongst her leader targets going ahead is making sure that Donald Trump by no means acquires energy once more, a track that may music sweetly to many ears, if now not among the bottom of her Celebration.

However she should have ambitions for herself as neatly.  The lack of her seat most probably places that natal Area Speaker purpose out of achieve, for the foreseeable long run a minimum of.  However there’s yet one more level in Cheney’s natal chart which seems at station, an embedded center of attention of her psyche, and perhaps a big characteristic of her biography.

That’s asteroid Whitehouse at 8 Aries, representing the Oval Administrative center and the presidency, which became retrograde every week after her start.  Whitehouse is squared the natal Venus/Mars/Jupiter stellium and trine Solar/Mercury, making it a political (Jupiter) need (Venus) for which she is going to struggle (Mars) and strategize (Mercury), one thing self-defining (Solar).  Does Cheney harbor presidential ambitions?  Will she run in 2024, if handiest as a spoiler to name out Trump at the marketing campaign path and in debates, proceeding to talk fact to energy?  8 Aries additionally simply occurs to be the stage of Jupiter’s fresh retrograde station, possibly igniting a political hobby for the presidency, up to now handiest smoldering in embers.

If and when the Trumpian fever breaks within the GOP, Liz Cheney, as a principled chief who caught to her weapons right through the worst of the an infection, may well be completely positioned to harvest the rewards of her “I instructed you so” angle.  I may just virtually be persuaded to vote for her myself.

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