A Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist Couple Expect the Most sensible Trending Procedures in 2022

A Plastic Surgeon and Dermatologist Couple Expect the Most sensible Trending Procedures in 2022

As strict lockdowns and masks mandates start to come into the rearview persons are keen to hunt remedies to assist them glance their easiest. Each New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD and New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD have spotted some consistencies of their practices within the wake of COVID: Other folks wish to glance their easiest, and so they wish to glance their easiest now. Individuals are in quest of complete procedures and coverings that can ship most effects so they are able to glance higher quicker. Drs. Levine stocks with us the developments they’ve observed just lately and what they expect might be well-liked this 12 months.

Thread elevate

“Something that I’ve introduced again that I used to do prior to now, however now I’m far more fascinated about, is the thread elevate since the more recent threads are means awesome to those prior to now, and I’m loving the thread lifts that I’ve been doing in recent times. I do a thread elevate at the brow to boost the brows, at the midface to boost the cheeks, the decrease face for the jawline, and likewise at the neck to easy out the neck.

The thread that we use is a suture that the frame absorbs and breaks down inside round six to 12 months. The thread itself promotes some collagen expansion, and the consequences are lasting for roughly a 12 months. That gives a truly great herbal elevate and tightening of the cheeks and neck and lifting of the forehead. It’s tremendous herbal, does now not reason any bruising, and is so easy to have finished. You don’t want to numb, and it’s a truly great supplement to filler as a result of positive spaces are missing quantity, and you want to fill the ones spaces, however different spaces truly want some tightening and lifting. There’s best such a lot tightening you’ll be able to get with filler. So I really like to mix a thread elevate with filler.”

—New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD

New fillers in the marketplace and the usage of filler in abnormal spots

“There are new fillers which are in the marketplace. I’ve all the time beloved combining other fillers for various spaces of the face. There are numerous nice new fillers, particularly the RHA circle of relatives of fillers. They truly can cope with in particular very skinny strains, just like the strains across the lip or those at the chin. The horizontal creases at the neck will also be handled superbly with those fillers.

We also are the usage of fillers in new spaces. We’ve been concentrating so much on build up the chin with filler. You don’t even understand how a lot a chin and jawline does for the neck. Construction out the chin truly is helping improve the neck, and a whole lot of instances when you have a poor chin and also you construct it out just a bit bit it truly appears extraordinary. Earlobes are any other space. All of us center of attention at the middle of our face, after which once I point out that someone’s earlobes are dropping quantity, my sufferers get so excited. They’re like, ‘sure, my earrings don’t take a seat proper anymore.’ A bit of little bit of filler within the earlobe appears nice—they might put on their earrings once more.

The temple has for a very long time been a favourite of mine, and it remains to be, as a result of filling the temples provides a perfect herbal taking a look elevate. It opens up the eyes, it begins to boost the entire face. If I upload filler within the despair of the temples, it even starts to assist outline the jawline. Doing a liquid rhinoplasty is so gratifying to the affected person. You truly seem like you had a surgical correction with only a few spaces of filler that truly can alternate anyone’s complete look.

Some other center of attention of mine with fillers truly is the outdoor of the face, now not the middle. We love to place a bit of bit within the middle the place it’s wanted, however the herbal means is truly to fill alongside the outer edge of the face. You need to drag the surface clear of the middle, and that reasons now not only a fill, however a boost as smartly. Some other trick is we now use hyperdilute fillers to tighten the surface of the neck in addition to the chest and different portions of the frame. I even use fillers within the pores and skin above the knees. You’ll be able to use filler to tighten crepey pores and skin.”

—New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD

Lasers and gadgets

“Ultherapy is one thing that I used to do prior to now, after which I took a spoil from it, and I feel that the Ultherapy that we do now’s even higher and more practical than how it was once finished first of all. Ultherapy provides a truly great tightening impact.

I additionally love radiofrequency gadgets reminiscent of Morpheus and Fractora, which is excellent for scars. It is helping with pimples, additionally is helping with pigment and normal pores and skin tightening. I’m nonetheless a significant fan of the PicoSure laser—that’s one in every of my favorites. Combining the PicoSure with BBL truly brightens up everyone’s pores and skin. I feel the important thing with lasers is the correct mix. We’ve got about 20, so lets truly make a choice the proper lasers for each and every affected person’s wishes.

Some other nice laser is the only we use for laser hair removing. I believe love it simply assists in keeping getting higher and higher. We now use Splendor X. It’s painless and we don’t even want numbing. The outdated laser hair removing generation you truly did want to numb, however now it’s so speedy it’s painless. It’s truly the most productive effects that I’ve observed from laser hair removing.”

—New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD


“We’ve been the usage of increasingly more PRP.  It’s efficient for hair loss and thinning. I additionally use it after positive lasers to assist therapeutic in addition to for the advantages of expansion components which result in collagen formation inflicting tightening of the surface and rejuvenation of the surface generally. I additionally inject PRP the similar means I inject filler, with a needle, into more than a few spaces, and I discovered that very efficient.”

—New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD


“Microinjections of Botox Beauty, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and expansion components proceed to be well-liked for a pleasant glow. I’m fascinated about the entire other neurotoxins which are available in the market in addition to what’s coming. Revance is an organization that has a brand new neurotoxin that’s at the means that’s going to ultimate nearly double two times so long as Botox does—we’re simply looking ahead to approval. That’s very thrilling. I occur to like all neurotoxins, particularly Xeomin, which is a purer neurotoxin with out the accent proteins.”

New York dermatologist Jody Levine, MD,

Entire frame makeovers

“Individuals are seeking to cope with extra once they speak about doing such things as Mommy Makeovers and frame contouring. I’m sensing that there’s extra of a dedication to total growth. Individuals are searching for extra dramatic enhancements. I don’t know whether or not you’ll be able to characteristic that to it being more straightforward for folks to get better as a result of they’re operating from house—I feel that’s a component. I feel there’s additionally a component of folks beginning to get antsy with the repeated shutdowns and so they’re excited on the considered the spring and being out and about and extra impartial and socializing extra. In order that they’re imagining what they’re going to seem like, now not simply essentially in an image, however what they’re going to seem like in a social state of affairs.

The whole lot from breast paintings to frame contouring starting from liposuction to tummy tucks to combos of remedies to cellulite remedies to fats switch, simply more or less developing nice form as a result of I feel persons are searching for all the frame makeover extra so than addressing a couple of problems like they’ll have finished prior to now.”

—New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD

Complete facial rejuvenation

“This I indubitably would characteristic now not best to folks with the ability to get better at house however indubitably to seeing what they seem like on a FaceTime or Zoom name. Other folks need a whole rejuvenation and it’s abnormal for me to do exactly an remoted forehead elevate or an remoted neck elevate nowadays. I’m usually doing complete facial rejuvenation combining face and neck lifts with fats switch and oftentimes doing eyelids, higher and decrease lid, and chin augmentation. Aggregate remedies are well-liked as a result of persons are seeing such a lot of what their look looks as if in one of those magnified atmosphere, and so they simply wish to cope with all problems. They don’t wish to do issues in small steps. They wish to glance a lot better. They don’t wish to simply more or less make stronger one thing; they’re truly searching for impressive effects. Clearly, we’re ready to do this and nonetheless deal with a herbal aesthetic, however folks don’t seem to be taking a look to undertreat.”

—New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD


“I’m the usage of extra of the fractionated radio frequency, the deeper fractionated radio frequency extra for pores and skin tightening, and I’m the usage of that now and again independently at the jawline and neckline. I’m additionally the usage of it together with different remedies. Every so often, I’m the usage of bipolar radiofrequency internally in isolation or together with exterior fractionated radiofrequency to maximise shaping and pores and skin tightening in facial rejuvenation. I’m additionally the usage of fractionated radiofrequency gadgets for arm tightening. Other folks continuously assume they’ve numerous fats of their arm, and it’s usually now not numerous fats, it’s usually extra pores and skin laxity. So the usage of each inside plus exterior deep radiofrequency truly works effectively.”

New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD

Fats switch

“I’m the usage of fats switch in frame contouring with Brazilian Butt Lifts in addition to breast augmentation, however I’m additionally the usage of it microscopically at the face. I’m the usage of it now and again to fill a decrease eyelid or the usage of it for lip augmentation along with normal facial rejuvenation. I’m the usage of it on fingers. I’m the usage of increasingly more fats since the long-term advantages truly are astounding. There are indubitably expansion components within the fats which are being transferred, and there’s indubitably a rejuvenating impact to that fats switch—the surface even shines extra.”

New York plastic surgeon Elie Levine, MD

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